About Us

Dear Guests

In search of an ideal place for a family holiday homes, led us to a number of criteria. That is located right by the beach in nature, in an easily accessible place, and on the other side of the place and a little tame and that the spirit and atmosphere of the place have not lost due to excessive urbanization and crowded.

When building a house there was no compromise: house had to be blended into space, built in harmony with nature is a lot of natural stone, which creates a special atmosphere, on the other hand, modern materials to ensure maximum comfort during their stay. When we equip with lots of love and attention of designing every detail.

The large garden with lots of love nurture indigenous Mediterranean plants. Scents of lavender, rosemary, bay leaves and beautiful colors of oleander relax during walks or stay on the terrace.

Our family of hosting deals since 1974, through two restaurants and a motel. Through the years we have met the wishes and needs of our guests and we understand that today, more than ever, man needs peace and a return to nature, but that all contemporary needs are met at the highest level. When needed, we are here for you and all of your questions, and the rest of the time we let you to enjoy in our house, Klimno, island of Krk.
We invite you to experience the atmosphere of our house and she becomes your playground and the Mediterranean for complete relaxation of body and soul!

Family Žganjer


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