Klimno is situated on the eastern side of the island, just ten minutes away from the bridge. In the long tourist tradition known for its rich gastronomic offer in the restaurants serving seafood and other specialties with the mandatory autochthonous wine, apartments and private villas. Klimno bay includes the villages Klimno, Soline and Čižići.

Soline are known for pre-Roman salt pans, and more notable tourist offer in private accommodation. The locality of Meline, famous for its healing mud, is situated between Soline and Čižići. The above mentioned mud is used for the treatment of gout, and many, satisfied happily return. Čižići, a place that has been reclaimed from one side to the sea, and on the other the rich green areas.

Klimno is the largest village in the bay and one of the oldest in the area. The evidence of that chapel. Clement in 1381 with Glagolitic inscription. Lovers of the sea and nautical tourism will feel comfortable in Klimno with its many offers for navigators as it provides boat anchorage as well as workshops for making and repairing vessels.


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