Waking up with a unique view which stretches from the apartment windows fig tree, is an experience that will be long remembered. View from the bedroom window could be a template with a painting: the sea calm as oil, in the background mountains. Because of this image, but fresh air, zasiguno you forget to work and problems. Apartment Figs due to warm shades of orange that in some the detailed exceeds in yellow and red, “merriest” is the hottest apartment. His specialty is sea view from every room and a balcony view shot up to Crikvenica. On the balcony there is sun umbrella, table and chairs.

Figs are very popular tropical fruit that symbolizes life, peace, prosperity and fertility. The fig is the food of hermits and holy tree of many traditions. According to the Roman belief, under the fig tree were born Romulus and Remus, the Adam and Eve of fig leaves himself made aprons. Fig leaf is a symbol of lust, and figs with ekoristi in love potions. It is believed to bring luck and figs to protect gamblers. Probably comes from Syria and Palestine, with the Black Sea Coast. In folk medicine fig is used against swellings, tumors, constipation, toothache, cough, sore throat, warts, ulcers and purulent abscess. Fresh figs contain up to 80% water, and is one of the fruits with the highest content of natural sugars, making them an excellent source of energy and stimulator for the brain – figs make you more alert and fresher.


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