The spacious terrace of the apartment Rosemary partially bordered with trees, and has a view of the sea and away from the sea only a few meters. Terrace is located on the very quiet side of the house and provides complete privacy and so much desired peace because there are no passers-by did not look, everything is subordinated to your holiday. Terrace has a lot of natural shade, a large umbrella, table and chairs, two deck chairs, a special mini-table for children. So as to attain a whole exterior and interior, the apartment is decorated in earth tones. An ideal choice for guests who like to spend time outdoors and be in touch with nature.

Rosemary is a shrubby evergreen plant with aromatic leaves with tiny light-blue flowers. The whole plant has a very intense and pleasant aroma. It is found in sunny and rocky areas Croatian coastal areas and islands, and successfully grown in pots for plants. Throughout history, it was a very popular plant; loved by Greek and Roman gods and Greek students have it put on their heads when they were preparing for exams rosemary stimulates and strengthens memory, so it’s good small flower pot of rosemary to put on your desk or next to the place where your pupils learn. Rosemary has a sedative, diuretic and antiseptic properties and is effective with weaknesses and helps in the prevention of cancer. The Mediterranean cuisine is often used as a spice various sauces, marinades, soups, braised pvrću and meats, soft cheeses …


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